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Compassionate Surgical Care

A border collie

We understand the worry that comes with the idea of your pet needing surgery. Pet parents can rest assured that we exclusively advise surgical procedures when they are unquestionably in the best interest of your furry friend.

Whether it's a scheduled elective surgery or an unforeseen procedure prompted by illness or injury, our team is committed to ensuring your pet's utmost comfort and freedom from pain throughout the process. Your pet's safety and well-being is our highest priority.

A dog undergoing laser therapy

What Types of Surgery Do We Perform?

Keeping Your Pet Healthy, Year After Year

  • Soft Tissue Surgery: Including spays/neuters, and mass removals. Microchips can be completed during these procedures.
  • Cryosurgery: Cryosurgery is the application of intensely cold temperatures to eliminate abnormal and diseased tissues. The frigid cold is precise, targeting the irregular tissue, inducing cell death, and numbing the nearby nerves, subsequently lessening pain and discomfort. This innovative approach can lead to shorter surgeries and, in cases like wart and skin tag removals, may eliminate the need for anesthesia.
  • Laser Therapy: We offer laser therapy to our post-op and pain management pals. Our laser treatments promote faster healing and often decrease recovery time.
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What to Expect the Day of Surgery:

The day of your pet's surgery you will drop them off with us in the morning and they will go home by the end of the day. Our surgical protocols include:

  • No food or water after 10 pm the night before surgery.
  • Complete pre-op bloodwork to confirm your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.
  • Once under anesthesia, your pet is carefully monitored throughout the surgery.
  • Use our app during surgery! You will get status updates throughout the day. You can also receive your discharge instructions, photo updates, and payment options through the app.

For more complex surgeries, we have partnered with a mobile surgery practice called Moves Mobile Veterinary Specialists. For the most complex cases, we bring in a board-certified specialist. By bringing in a specialized team, your trusted veterinarian is able to follow your pet into surgery and through aftercare.

Trusted Friend Animal Clinic is dedicated to upholding robust surgical protocols while providing a wide range of surgical procedures for cats and dogs. To learn more about the services we offer please call us or download the app today.