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A dog having its teeth checked

Comprehensive Dental Care

A cat with its tail up

Dental care for our pets goes beyond stinky breath. Every annual examination at Trusted Friend Animal Clinic includes a comprehensive assessment of your pet's oral health.

Recognizing that oral well-being is inherently linked to overall health, we understand the importance of a shining smile. Periodontal disease, if left unaddressed, can advance and lead to severe infections which can potentially trigger complications such as heart, liver, or kidney issues.

How Can I Tell if My Pet Has Oral Hygiene Issues?

Surprisingly, their behavior can often serve as a telltale sign. Be on the lookout for excessive drooling, especially if you notice pus or blood in their saliva. If your pet seems to paw at their mouth or teeth, yawns more frequently, grinds their teeth, or reduces their grooming habits, they may be hiding a dental issue. Other key signs are; persistent bad breath, swollen gums, and tooth discoloration.

A dog's pearly whites

What Happens During a Cleaning Appointment?

During your pet’s regular oral exam, our veterinary team will examine his or her mouth observing their overall oral health or noting any symptoms that might require treatment.

During a cleaning appointment, your pet will be placed under highly monitored anesthesia while one of our skilled veterinarians cleans any tartar and debris from your pet's teeth.

Using digital X-rays, our AI program dives into the pathology of your pet's teeth. Our veterinary team is able to provide you with an overview of the procedure, images, and recommended removals/surgery. These pathology reports and dental radiographs allow you to see which teeth need extraction, and why.

Through our app you then have the power to make dental decisions in real-time, eliminating the need for additional procedures and unforeseen expenses.

After all cleanings and surgeries, your pet is carefully monitored until it is time for you to take them home.

What should I do at home to keep my pet’s teeth clean between dental appointments?

We recommend brushing your pet's teeth on a regular basis and giving them plenty of dental chew toys. Our team is happy to recommend our favorite treats and toys at your next appointment!

Say goodbye to stinky kisses and protect your furry friend's health by calling us to schedule a cleaning today.