Dog on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving revolves around a table chock full of autumnal splendor—a fact not lost on most pets. They are absolutely awake and alert to the idea of possible scrumptious snacks on the horizon, they probably aren’t far from the kitchen or dining room at any given moment. As with most enjoyable events in life, you want to share Thanksgiving with your pet. When Thanksgiving pet safety is priority number one, you can include your best buddy without risking their health.

A Focus on Goodness

Since this holiday is all about inclusion and sharing, it only seems right to involve your pet from the start. There are many items that are completely safe for them to eat and enjoy, without the danger of toxicity, choking, or other health problems. 

The following is a basic list of Thanksgiving foods that are completely safe to offer pets. In fact, a plate of these goodies either before your family sits down or during the main course could be the best way to reduce begging or sneaky food grabs:

  • Small bites of cooked white meat turkey
  • Steamed carrots, green beans, or sweet potatoes
  • Cooked, unsweetened pumpkin
  • Apple bites
  • Unsweetened, low-fat yogurt

Say No to Table Scraps

The majority of pet owners admit to offering little bits from their plate to the hungry, curious pets beneath the table. A little extra protein from white meat or fiber from veggies is okay, but if they are cooked in butter, oil, or seasoned with garlic, onion, leeks, or sage, please forego this indulgence. 

Sour cream, gravy, turkey skin, bones and any rich, fattening sauces are also risks to pet health. Pancreatitis is a real threat this time of year. A serious, painful condition, pancreatitis is caused by consuming overly rich or fatty foods. Please seek veterinary help immediately if you notice odd behavior, vomiting, or diarrhea. 

Additionally, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, chocolate, xylitol-sweetened baked goods  or candy, and grapes or raisins should be strictly off limits to pets. 

Holiday Hazards for Pets

Even when an owner is overly judicious about the Thanksgiving spread, there are other holiday hazards for pets. 

The trash is one place that never ceases to compel pets. Be sure that trash receptacles are inaccessible to pets. Remove rubbish when you’re not in the kitchen to supervise, and be sure that outdoor dumpsters are completely closed. 

For Their Own Health and Safety

If you are hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner this year, your pet may appreciate a little “me time.” Be sure to set up a quiet room away from all the action. Their bedding, preferred toys, snacks, and water in one place will help them relax. If they need constant company to reduce feelings of stress, isolation, or anxiety, enlist a group that can take shifts. 

Alternatively, boarding a pet during the Thanksgiving weekend may provide the peace of mind you and your pet are both seeking. We encourage pet owners to increase exercise opportunities this time of year as a way to boost Thanksgiving pet safety. 

Let Us Know

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