Veterinary science and technologyThe origin of veterinary science can be traced to Middle Eastern sheep herders. Not only would they apply their skills to the animals they raised, but the dogs that guarded livestock benefited from their developing knowledge, as well. Before the early 1900s, pets rarely received the care and attention of qualified veterinarians. Due to human reliance on horses for transportation and other livestock for trade and agriculture, these animals were the primary focus of animal medicine. 

The rise of new technology, along with incredible improvements of established standards, have completely revolutionized veterinary medicine. The future of veterinary medicine is here, and Trusted Friend Animal Clinic is excited to provide the best possible care to our patients and build strong connections with our clients. 

Into the Future

New technologies in veterinary medicine have the potential to positively impact animal health and well-being, but it doesn’t stop there. Pet owners can take advantage of preventive care and accurate diagnostics to make personalized decisions for their furry family members. Plus, with our easy-to-use app, pet owners can easily manage their pet’s care from anywhere. 

Advanced Diagnostics

The ability to learn exactly what’s happening below the surface has changed the way pets are diagnosed and treated. Advanced diagnostics like the following allow us to view the structures of organs, tissues, and bones with unparalleled clarity:

  • Digital radiography
  • Ultrasonography
  • CT scans
  • MRIs 

We can now detect problems like cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, spinal cord injuries, and so much more, which leads to early treatment and positive outcomes. 

Veterinary Surgery Advancements

Veterinary surgery advancements, such as cryosurgery and laser therapy, are absolutely essential during emergency surgery or a planned procedure. Standard soft tissue surgeries like spay/neuter and mass or foreign body removals are not only easier to conduct today, but recovery times are much shorter. Innovations like surgical robots can improve precision and influence better outcomes. 

Additionally, veterinary anesthesia and continuous monitoring of the vital signs promote surgical safety, and increase patient safety and comfort. 

Innovative Surgical Techniques in Veterinary Medicine

Many veterinary hospitals are able to provide orthopedic surgery to pets in need. With customized 3D-printed implants, joint replacement procedures have the potential to greatly improve a pet’s quality of life. Moreover, 3D-printing also has the capacity for prostheses and orthosis, enabling movement and well-being. 

Cutting Edge Tech

Pets can now be outfitted with wearable technology, such as heart monitors, but pet owners can take it one step further with activity trackers and smart collars. The ability to count steps, measure distances, measure heart rate, and more allows technology to drive change and improve health. 

Your Pet’s Care

With the rise of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, we’re sure that the field of veterinary medicine will continue to evolve. As such, we are dedicated to educating our staff so that we may remain at the forefront of veterinary medicine. If you have questions about how we can serve your pet, please call us at (404) 907-1404. Our team is always here for you at Trusted Friend Animal Clinic.